Aviator Strategy

Strategies for Playing Aviator

In Aviator, there are basic rules that apply to any strategy. They are aimed at minimizing losses and maintaining control over the gameplay. Complying with these rules increases the likelihood of a profitable game. The basis of the strategy is sound financial management and informed decision-making, which helps to achieve positive results in the game.

⚡️Ground rules to be known

Rule #1

Allocate yourself a specific pot to play. Its size should depend on your income, and as a rule it is not recommended to spend on rates more than 5-10% of the monthly salary. For example, at $2000-3000, it is reasonable to allocate $200-300 for bets. This is an amount whose loss will not be critical.

Rule #2

Determine the size of the bet as a percentage of your pot. This may be a percentage of the original size of the pot or of its current state. It is important not to deviate from the chosen strategy, as the effectiveness of any strategy is demonstrated over a long distance.

Rule #3

Strictly follow the first two rules. Increasing the budget for games or the size of one bet can disrupt the strategy and result in an increased error in the final result, which can both reduce the win and lead to a loss.

Always remember that

Gambling can be strong, but it is important to control it. If you feel an uncontrollable desire to make a general bet (all-in), it is better to take a break, walk or distract yourself in another way. This will help keep control over the game and your finances.

🎮Winning Strategies and Tactics for Aviator

If there is no time to study the full text, here is a short list of strategies presented on this page. Check them out, choose the right one and increase your chances of success:

  1. Strategy Aviator Low Odds: Game with low stakes and low odds for stable and small earnings.
  2. Aviator’s Middle Odds Winning Strategy: Bets on Moderate Odds that increase your chances of winning at moderate risk.
  3. Strategy of two bets simultaneously: Simultaneous use of two bets in one round to diversify strategies and increase the chances of winning.
  4. Aviator’s Lowest Risk Strategy: Bets on very low odds that minimize the risk of loss and ensure the bank’s gradual growth.
  5. Moderate Risk Tactics: Strategy games with moderate odds to achieve a balance between risk and winning potential.
  6. Risky tactics for quick earning: Playing on high odds to get big wins but with increased risk.

Strategy Aviator Small Odds

The strategy of playing in Aviator at small coefficients includes the following steps:

  1. Set the rate to 3-5% of the total bank.
  2. Set automatic cash out at a ratio of 1.5.
  3. Automatically collect your winnings as soon as the aircraft reaches the coefficient of 1.5.

It is recommended to use automatic output function to avoid delays that may occur in manual operation. Delays in signal output can cause the coefficient to exceed 1.5, which will negatively affect the balance of winnings.

Playing at odds less than 1.5 is also possible, but for large wins it is less effective. For example, at a ratio of 1.2, the bank will increase by only 20% per session, which reduces the likelihood of a significant increase in funds.

Aviator’s middle odds

The winning strategy on the average odds in the game Aviator includes the following main points:

  1. Determine the size of the bet within 2-5% of your playing pot.
  2. Set the automatic cash out at 2.
  3. Automatically collect your winnings when the plane reaches this level.

According to statistics, ratios from 2 to 3 occur in 40% of cases, which brings the probability of success to 50%.

There is a useful life hack: if the coefficient of 2 has not dropped for 2-3 rounds, you can try to raise the goal to 3-5. This increases the odds of winning back, but requires careful analysis of previous rounds.

After winning with a factor of 3, you can again reduce the goal to 2. This approach requires active participation and analysis of the game, but can bring more revenue than an automated strategy at lower odds.

Two Bet Strategy Simultaneously

The feature of two simultaneous bets in the game Aviator on the 1win platform greatly enhances the player’s strategic capabilities. This allows you to race simultaneously for high odds such as 100 and above. According to statistics, the large coefficients appear about every hour or one and a half, and the key point here is the choice of the right time to bet.

It is recommended to include a second, more risky bet, especially if there are no higher odds in the Aviator during the last hour. This increases the chances of a big win.

Example strategy with two simultaneous rates:

  1. We make a regular bet of 5% from the bank with a target ratio of 2.05.
  2. Tracking round results. If within an hour the x100 coefficient does not fall, connect a second bet of 0.5% from the pot, but on the coefficient of 100.
  3. After winning the second bet, turn it off and return to item 2.

This strategy is suitable for those who consider Aviator as an option of additional earnings. It is important to remember that any algorithm in the Aviator game takes time to demonstrate its effectiveness and can only make a profit over a long distance.

Lowest Risk Strategy in Aviator

Aviation’s lowest risk tactics are aimed at minimizing losses and gradually increasing balance. This strategy is ideal for those who prefer stability and controlled risk, rather than seeking quick big wins. The main idea of the strategy is to play at low odds, usually in the x1.20 to x1.21 range. To simplify the process, it is recommended to use automatic cashew and auto-rate functions.

The advantage of this approach is that it allows you to reduce the number of lost rounds and systematically increase your game balance. Once you reach a certain level on your balance, you can move to bigger bets, thereby speeding up the earning process in the game Aviator.

This tactic implies a more conservative approach to the game, allowing you to keep control over your finances and gradually increase your winnings.

Moderate risk tactics

The Aviator Moderate Risk Tactic is suitable for players with enough funds in the online casino 1wines. The strategy is based on the x2-x3 coefficients, which have a 40-42% chance of falling out. With this tactic, there is room for moderate risk: if the player has confidence in his abilities and large multipliers have not been rolled out for a long time, he can take a risk and bet on higher odds. In case of luck, this will allow not only to remain positive, but also to significantly increase the deposit.

Risky tactics for quick earnings

Risky tactics for quick earnings in Aviator is designed for real lucky people. According to statistics, coefficients 100+ occur approximately once per hour or one and a half. Players who choose this strategy must follow the history of results and start actively betting an hour after the last big win. This method requires careful observation and patience, but can bring considerable gain.

✅Summing up this article

Summing up this article we want to add that none of the strategies and tactics is the key to success. It’s always important to think for yourself and listen, sometimes take risks and win. We can also recommend you to read our section with real player reviews: