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Aviator Game is a fast game where a plane takes off a curve. The higher the win, the bigger the win. Aviator needs to guess the duration of the flight.

Make bets, watch your flight and multiply your winnings to x100! Simple rules, dynamic game tempo, chance of dizzying winnings. Play Aviator online, win big!

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About the game Aviator

"Aviator" is a money game that consists of an increasing curve, and the main character of the game is a small red plane. At the beginning of the round, the coefficient (multiplier) begins to grow and in order to win against the gambler, the main goal is to have time to withdraw money before the plane flies out of the virtual airfield.

The Aviator game is a fast crash game where a plane takes off along a curve. The higher it flies, the greater the player's winnings. In Aviator you need to guess the duration of the flight.

The Aviator game has been recognized as one of the most popular video games for four years according to online casinos 1win and 1xbet.

The basic principles on which the Aviator game is built:

  • Rounds automatically start without the need to press the start button. There is a 5 second pause between rounds to adjust the betting strategy.
  • Players place one or two bets each round and choose an amount. There are no restrictions in the game; the gambler can bet either $0.10 or $100.
  • The winnings are determined by the flight altitude, the multiplier counter grows with every second of flight.
  • The round is considered successful if the player manages to close the bet before the plane leaves the airfield. The results are determined by a random number generator.
  • And if the plane flies away, then the round is considered lost.
Aviator for mobiles and desktops
Main characteristics of the Aviator
✅Game titles Game Aviator (Red Airplane)
🎰Game type Crash game, money game, fast slot, aviation
🔥Manufacturer Spribe. Innovative Casino Games
⚡RTP (return to player) 97%
🔥 Volatility Low/medium
↓ Minimum bet $0.10
↑ Maximum bet $100
➡️ Maximum winnings per bet $10000
✅ Play for free Yes
🎁 Prize options Explosive mechanics, random multiplier

How to start playing Aviator for money

The game mechanics are considered innovative due to its simplicity and accessibility. It is much easier to start playing for real money in this crash game than in slot machines. Slot games require learning the payout table, which takes a lot of time. And here all the rules are presented on the main screen.

The Aviator game from the provider Spribe is available in many online casinos and bookmakers. You can play the slot for real money.

  • The betting block is located in the lower control panel, just below the main screen. There are two betting windows where the visitor chooses whether to place one or two bets.
  • The gambler can choose the bet size from four available options offered by the Aviator game, or indicate his own. There are no special restrictions on the size of the bet, the range varies from $0.10 to $100. Try to keep within this value
  • After selecting the bet size, the user clicks on the “bet” button. This bet will be entered into a new round after completing the current flight, pausing for 5 seconds and starting a new attempt.
Game interface